1. Oak Ford Golf Club, Sarasota, FL

It was a part of a 154-unit development - not enough residences to support a 27-hole golf course. However, located almost 10-miles inland from Interstate Highway 75, Oak Ford was one of Florida’s most popular daily fee golf courses - especially with tourists.

2. The Ravines Golf Resort, Middleburg, FL (Jacksonville)

Once rated in the top-20 of all of Florida’s 1,100 golf courses. Located in Middleburg, Florida just south of Jacksonville, with lodging for tourists, it was a must-play golf course and the dining room had a Zagat rating. I managed to Ravines, part of a 300-unit residential community, in 1992 and 1993 successfully and then the foreign owner decided to sell the golf course. The subsequent owner got into a dispute with the homeowners over an attempt to develop a portion of the golf course and wound up throwing the keys at the bank and walked away. Homeowners reported that their properties dropped $20.00 a foot when the Ravines Golf Course closed its doors.

3. Indigo Lakes Golf Club, Daytona, FL

Like the Ravines, Indigo Lakes was one of Florida’s must-play golf course in its heyday. Part of a development of 700-residences, the 18-hole golf course ran over 262-acres barely 500-yards from the center of the famous Daytona Speedway. Purchased from a bank in 2013 by a Canadian investor, I was originally supervising the ownership transition and helping to rejuvenate the business, which had been slumping for a few years. I left Indigo early in 2014. Only recently (mid summer 2018), the owner closed the golf course as a business and is in the throws of some sort of development plan, which is meeting resistance from the Indigo residents.

4. Turkey Creek Golf Club, Alachua, FL

Ceased business in 2010 after its owner became tired of losing money. Of course, he blamed the homeowners for not sufficiently supporting the business. So, the 1,100 residents in the Turkey Creek development watched their property values plummet and worse, according to the local sheriff’s office, experienced a dramatic rise in neighborhood crime. The community acquired the golf course and planned to lease it to a golf course interest but found no interest. They have wrestled over the future of the golf course ever since acquiring the property.


Four Florida golf courses, among many, that are closed for good!

  1. Oak Ford Golf Club, Sarasota

  2. The Ravines Golf Resort, Middleburg

  3. Indigo Lakes Golf Club, Daytona

  4. Turkey Creek Golf Club, Alachua