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Golfmak, Inc. associates Mike Kahn, Bill McIntosh, and Cameron White make this pledge: “We do not act for referral fees or special treatment from individuals, companies, or any interests in a manner that might influence our consulting service. Without conflicting loyalties, we can work impartially and offer complete fiduciary to our clients.”

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Golfmak, Inc. President Michael A Kahn


Michael Kahn has been in golf since the 1950s. In all those years Mike has owned, managed, financed, brokered, designed, and saved all types of golf courses in Canada and the USA.

Mike has repaired strained relationships between homeowners and their neighborhood golf courses. His successes have touched several Florida neighborhood golf courses in Tampa, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Daytona, and Jacksonville.

Since 2010 Mike has become an expert in the failing neighborhood golf course dilemma facing communities everywhere. Along with associate, Bill McIntosh, they have counselled homeowners in California, Arizona, Montana, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, and Texas.

Mike is holding a 1960s $2 wood in the picture on the left. His first set of woods was a set of Spalding #1, #2, and a #3 wood. right handed, with True Temper ‘Century’ medium flex, step-down steele shafts. The set had black finished persimmon heads, composit slip on grips, each with D-2 swing weight. The driver had a 55-degree lie, 11-degree loft, and a ten-inch radious bulge.

During his career Mike, as a golf teacher in Canada, started thousands of men, women, and children at the game.

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Golf Specialists, Inc. President, William McIntosh


William (Bill) McIntosh, a lifetime PGA member, grew up in a professional golf family beginning in the 1950s. His grandfather was an original member of the United States PGA. His father was PGA professional and golf course owner. Bill’s initial golf business experience began in the Chicago area.

Bill has experience with residential golf course developments and their effect on adjacent property values. He was one of the consultants for the successful HOA takeover of a golf course in the New Orleans area.

Bill McIntosh has experience as a golf course owner. He was an area supervisor over several golf courses for a major golf company. Bill even had a stint as a competitor on the PGA Tour.

Mr. McIntosh has a great way about him that tends to relax clients upon first meeting. A good listener, he relies on his long career in all phases of golf, including maintaining golf courses to advise our clients. Not only that, but Bill also trains bartenders on pouring and accountability.

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Attorney, Cameron White, The Orlando Law Group


Cameron White is an experienced business and real estate attorney who was a golf professional prior to law school. With this knowledge and experience, Cam has carved an unique niche practice counseling golf industry clients about such issues as

  • developments in the law as to golf course design safety issues

  • disputes with neighboring property owners and other contract

  • tort, as it may apply in the event of failing residential golf courses

  • real estate and environmental issues affecting golf course owners and operators

Like Mike and Bill, Cam is approachable and easy to work with.